Icom IC-706MkIIG for HF work and an Alinco DR-620 for VHF/UHF work, both are powered by a Pyramid PS-52KX PSU. I use no amplifiers at this time.


     For most of HF I use an OCF Windom at approximately 25 ft AGL. This little piece of cheap wire is one of the best performing wire antennas I've ever used and I would highly recommend. For 10 thru 12 meters I use a Sirio 827 Groundplane, this is no skimpy wire dipole hiding inside of a fiberglass fishing pole, it's a well built, all metal 5/8ths wave radiator with an isolation transformer and elevated feed point with real gain. This antenna is one of the finest performing verticals I have ever had the pleasure of using and would urge anyone looking for just such a thing, to go out and get it! If you need an ATU, I would also highly recommend LDG, I use an LDG IT-100, inexpensive, well built and it has been flawless for years now.


About the Site:

     Among the various other things I used to do with my life, I also used to design, build and maintain websites. Now though, it's just a hobby, but I still take it seriously. As such I try to keep up with the latest in W3 standards and web tech. This site is code intensive but because of the new tech available, should be resource light.
     The site incorporates technologies that, among other things, ensures user privacy and safety and ease of use. Most of the things going on with the site you, the user, will never see or be able to see. Which is the way it should be. You should be able to browse a website knowing that your computer, browser and identity is safe and you shouldn't have to jump through hoops to get it.
     If you are an aspiring webmaster and would like to know more about what you may see or find here, I will gladly share my knowledge and experience. Just shoot me an email from the Contact page!
     Enjoy the site!

WebCam outside my front door.


Current time in Sebring, Florida.

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