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Posted by PP5JLC on
It was a pleasure have been qso with you.
All the best to you and family. dx.
Posted by John on
Hi Ron, sorry you had computer problems when on PSK-31 with me but as a friend says these computers are not here to stay.
You were 599 and maybe we can hook back up later. I stay on 10 90% of the time so I'm sure will see each other again. Age here is 73 and retired from Colt Firearms Corp but the wife always makes sure I have lots to do. Have a great week, what's left of it. 73 John WB8TEK
Posted by neil / ne3j on
Hi Ron, I hope you're fine.

For a little light browsing, I was searching for "radio" on thepiratebay. Thanks for offering the Ham radio software. One link lead to another, and here I am.

It's a real nice looking website -- bright & airy. OK on your About webpage, which includes your computer programming. Your website is a pleasure the way it displays effortessly on my Blackberry 9930, compared to other sites that load slowly, make my phone have conniptions when I try to zoom, and are plain tough to navigate on the small screen. Your website is the exception that proves "We Have the Technology."
Posted by W2ZXL on
Be sure to sign the book while you're here, I would love to see who's been visiting.

Thanks for stopping by!
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