ERP Calculators, Line Loss Calculators and Calculators of All Sorts.

  Effective Radiated Power (ERP)
Calculate Effective Radiated Power (ERP) With Known Transmission Variables:
Transmitter Output Power : W or kW
Frequency : MHz
Transmission Line Type :
Transmission Line Length : Feet
Antenna Gain : dBd (Not dBi)


W or kW


VSWR / Forward & Reflected Power
Calculate VSWR, Return Loss, etc. from Forward and Reflected Power:
Transmitter Forward Power : Watts
System Reflected Power : Watts

Reflection Coefficient =
Return Loss = dB
Match Efficiency = %
Net Transmission Loss = dB


Volts per Meter and Power Density

Calculate Field Strength in a Free Field


Power: W Transmit power in watts
Gain: dBi Antenna gain in dBi (2.14=Dipole)
Distance: m Distance from Radiator in meters
Value: V/m

*Note: This assumes network and radiator efficiency but should prove to be a good reference calculator nonetheless, especially in the far field.

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Last updated: on June 27, 2013